Sunday, June 15, 2014

Getting back to blogging.....

It has been (I am embarrassed to even type this) over a darn year since we have really updated our blog!

I know there are no excuses, but we are busy! Here's a little bit of what has happened in our lives.....

BIANCA: I went through a very painful and difficult divorce. However, it was one of the most beautiful blessings  I have ever been granted. With all of the new free time on my hands, I poured all of my energy in to the business, and we have been totally rocking!!! In the past year and a half, we have been blessed to work with over 200 brides and bridal parties!! We are sooooo booked and totally loving it. So you can see why the last thing we really want to do is be at our computer all day blogging.... but we will start to blog more!!

I am now currently very in love and happy with my boyfriend Daniel. He is an amazing man and I am blessed to know that good guys do exist.

KATIE: Katie and her hubby, Tim, welcomed another precious daughter in to the world. Her name is Willow and she has best blue eyes ever.

Katies accessory line, A lil bit Fancy, is also killing it! I don't know where the heck she finds all of the time, but she is proof that you can be a mommy, wife, and business owner all while being the best friend that anyone can ask for.

With that being said, we promise to update this more often.......

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