Sunday, March 25, 2012

A.C.S. fashion show and a wedding!

Bianca and I had the privilege of styling up some pretty inspirational woman for the American cancer society fashion show on Friday. We look forward to it every year. These woman are such a symbol of strength and positivity. So happy and excited to be alive! I could really feel the energy the moment I walked into the room. It's so humbling. Each lady that sat in my chair was so eager to share their testimony and how they fought...and won! They had no idea how strong they were until they looked in the face of cancer. One thing that really stood out to me was how each one of them said they love who they are more NOW after cancer then who they were before cancer ever entered their lives! How profound is that?! They would rather go through cancer to be who they are now then to have never gone through it at all. I think that's pretty incredible! We were so busy that we weren't able to take any photos but I just had to share that little bit with you! :)

Saturday we did a wedding for a sweet young lady named Sabrina! She had the sweetest bridal party ever! Here are a few pictures from our day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

New photo...

We did Elena's wedding makeup and hair last year and her photographer, Phillip Davies just sent us this image that is so sweet! You can really see the excitement and anticipation in her expression! This is the look that we love-a happy, gorgeous bride who is so excited for her dream day!

A Big Sur Wedding

So, for those of you who do not know Katie and I personally, Katie is expecting her 2nd baby girl in the next few weeks so we have brought in another hairstylist to help us while she is gone. Araceli is her name and she is so sweet and talented! We have known her for a few years now and are so excited to have her be a part of our team! Her first time working with us was yesterday, where we got to go to Big Sur, CA. to style a wedding!

The wedding was at Post Ranch Inn (aka the most gorgeous place on earth!!! SERIOUSLY) The bride, Michelle, and her fiance eloped! It was the most gorgeous setting for a gorgeous couple! We wish them all the best!!