Sunday, January 29, 2012

SHS Winterball '12

We always love when winterball or prom roll around. The youth and energy is always so much fun to work with. Takes us back to when we were teenagers getting ready for our dances. I think for a slight moment we too turn into teenage girls and jump right into the gossip and conversation almost like we actually know who they are talking about! Haha and then they take off thrilled with their hair and make up and we *sigh* and say, "Oh those were the days!" :) hehe

Here are a few pictures of our beauties all done up.


Monday, January 16, 2012

More from the Bridal Show on Jan. 15, 2012

The Bridal Show turned out amazing! We met so many brides/potential clients! And, got to network with lots of other wedding vendors!

Everyone kept commenting on our new name and logo saying how creative and cute it was!

It definitely was a long day, but so worth it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


We are about 3 hours in at the bridal show and things couldn't be going any better. We had about 6 models to style that all needed to be done by 11! And we started at about 9:30! Talk about PRESSURE!! It ended up working out in our favor because we were able to showcase how quickly and well we can work under a limited amount of time! We had the intercontinental hotel on cannery row request our information because of how quickly yet efficient we were with our girls. I'll be posting pictures from the fashion show when it starts in a few hours.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bridal Fair tomorrow....

M.U.A.H. is so excited to debut our new "Name" and logo at the Monterey Bridal Expo tomorrow. It has taken us nearly a year to come up with a good name that we both LOVED!! LOL We will be styling 6 models for the fashion show they will be having as well as meeting with brides at our booth. We hope to make some great contacts and meet lots of BRIDES!

Special thank you to Juan at Express Printing in Salinas, CA. for helping us design our logo. And, for being so patient with us!

***If you are a bride and would like to see just a "few" weddings we have styled please read the following posts:

Rock Star curls hair tutorial

Since Bianca and I do hair and make up (Me, being hair) we will occasionally post really awesome tips and tricks that we have picked up along the way. A lot of things we actually stumble upon ourselves, like the technique below:

This is a really simple and QUICK way to get textured rock star curls in less then 15 minutes. Seriously...Does it get any better!!??

 Dont worry about sectioning with any clips, just start from the front and work your way back. Start from the root and work curling iron down until most ends are in barrel. (FYI: I always curl away from my face.)
 Pull curling iron down without releasing ends while twisting at the same time.
 Now you slide curling iron down straightening out the ends.
 Leave the curls in what I like to call, "The shell." Do NOT seperate the curls, they are setting at this point.
 To give yourself a, "Swoop," or "Mock bang,"you take a small section in front and curl back.
 Use the same twist and slide technique with the front piece.
 Now add some spray and allow the curls to cool in their "Shell." This would be a good time to do your make up!
 Now for the fun part. Flip your head upside down and spray. Take your hands and do a technique I like to call..."The dry shampoo!" Shake out all those curls starting at the root and working down
Now flip your hair back with attitude and ROCK those sexy curls!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

October 8, 2011 Katherine's wedding

We did hair and makeup for Katherine's Carmel Valley Ranch wedding in October. Katherine is a gorgeous bride from Texas who found us through our WeddingWire site. She wanted her hair half up-half down with pretty face-framing layers.

For her makeup, she was inspired by Jennifer Lopez' bronze smokey eye looks. I recreated a JLo smokey eye look, but made it more soft by not adding too much shimmer and glitter. Katherine also had the most long, thick and gorgeous eyelashes, so I decided not to add false lashes. I finished her look off with bronzer, and a berry lipstick. She was beyond happy with her hair and makeup and had a fantastic wedding day!

Christine's Wedding Day! 10-9-10

Christine hired us to do her hair and makeup for her wedding day in Gilroy, CA.
Christine is truly like family to me, like a sister that I never had! It was truly an honor to be a part of her wedding day! Christine is the niece of a dear friend of mine, and I have gotten to know her and her entire family very well over the past few years.
For Christine's hair, Katie side-parted it and put it in to a low, side bun. This was the perfect hair style for Christine since had said she wanted something "simple, yet put together".
 For her makeup, we went with a palette of browns and bronzes to warm up her skin tone. I added lashes of course,  and used the prettiest brick colored lipgloss.

 Christine was the perfect bride! So classy and elegant!

Elena's Wedding 9-4-11

Elena is a bridal client from Florida who contracted us to do her hair and makeup for her Monterey, CA. wedding. Elena has the most beautiful long, dark hair and wanted Katie to style her hair in big, flowing waves. For her makeup, I accentuated her eyes with a pretty silver eyeshadow and lashes, and made her skin glow with peach blush and peach lipgloss. She was so pretty and wore the most gorgeous pearl necklace!

Kandia's Wedding July 22, 2010

Kandia is a beautiful bride from Texas who got married in Monterey, CA. We did her bridal hair and makeup, as well as her lovely bridesmaids. We have been fortunate enough to remain close friends with Kandia and can always count on her to be our cheerleader and huge supporter! !!! Kandia's wedding photos were taken by our friend, Jessica Riggle, owner of Sweet Pea Photography.

As you can see, Kandia has the most amazing smile! She was a blast to work with!

Beautiful up-do's by Katie

Here are some updo's that Katie has done in the past. Often times, clients don't know what kind of hair style they want, so they let Katie go in and work her hair magic! A soft classic updo is always a great choice because everyone looks great with an updo! Updos are especially great if you have some gorgeous earrings or a necklace that you want to show off! And, you can dance all night long and not have to worry about your curls going flat!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Prom Makeup- Before and After

Amanda is a lovely young woman whom I have had the pleasure of watching grow up since she was about 9 or 10 years old. I love doing her makeup for proms and other fun events simply because she really trusts me to do a lot of different looks on her. Here is one of my favorite looks...

Before and After Makeup

One of my great makeup clients had me do her makeup for a wedding a few weeks ago. I asked her if I could use her photos for a before and after column and she agreed. A lot of people think that makeup is a way to "change" the way someone looks- that is not the way I roll. I feel that makeup should be a tool used to enhance the client's best features and make them look the very best that they can. Here is a before and after...

Kim's Wedding 11-29-09

I met Kim at my other job, Head Over Heels Fashion Lounge. She came in looking for wedding shoes, and I asked her if she had anyone doing her hair and makeup. She said no, so I immediately gave her our card! She called that same night and scheduled a trial! A few weeks later, we did her hair and makeup for her wedding day. She wanted a classic, curly up do, and soft bridal makeup. She was a blast to work with!

Photoshoot with Jessica Riggle/Sweetpea Photography

Jessica Riggle is a friend of ours who is also a fantastic photographer! She asked us to provide our hair and makeup services for a photo shoot and of course, we said yes! Our other friend, Lydia, modeled for us! We have been so fortunate to make friends with people in the wedding business, and Jessica has proven to be such a strong support system to us.